• Tamara D.

    “It was an opportunity to integrate my personality with my education, a space where I could gather my thoughts and memorialize them. The process of entering that information reinforced what I learned and enhanced my ability to reflect on my experience. I had a place to contain my knowledge that sometimes, honestly, can escape me!”

    Tamara D.
  • Katherine V.

    “I really took into consideration the great feedback and useful comments on how to make my portfolio better … it reassured me that I am equipped and capable of succeeding in this program.”

    Katherine V.
  • Michael W.

    “I am very pleased with my group project results — even more so that we could take the module we developed and, with very little tweaking, put it to use in our own settings. … I have an opportunity to play a pivotal role in redefining education at my workplace. I’m very grateful for the knowledge I received and the two colleagues and Professor who helped shape my knowledge in this area.”

    Michael W.
  • Angelica R.

    “I found encouraging professors who push you to think beyond, to dream, and to design ways to put that dream into action. You feel inspired to research on your own and to create real work. You discover that change can really happen and that together we can build a better future for education.”

    Angelica R.
  • Stephanie H.

    “I am able to share my learning in a colorful, creative way. This format allows me to bring words to life, allowing my reader to see inside my journey and not just words on a paper … Some images and videos I chose to include convey meanings that are otherwise hard to capture. Through my voice you hear my passion and purpose for my work.”

    Stephanie H.
Our project’s goal was to prepare Master of Education students for a dynamic and evolving future, supporting learning and engagement through curricular cohesion, pedagogical integrity, and learning-centered interpersonal engagement. To achieve this goal, we needed to redesign the fundamental system in which program development, implementation, and revision takes place.
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