Final Reflection – C2L Guiding Questions

Looking Back

Your Campus Project: Think back over the course of our work together: the January 2011 Kick-Off Institute in San Francisco, our online Jams, and our three face-to-face Summer Institutes in Boston, Providence, and New York.  In what ways, over these past three years, has your ePortfolio project grown and evolved?    How did C2L influence and help shape the growth of your campus’ ePortfolio work?  In thinking about the sectors of the Catalyst framework, where was your project’s initial focus?  Has the focus of your ePortfolio work changed?  In what sector(s) is your ePortfolio project currently focused?

What You Learned:  How has your thinking about ePortfolio evolved and deepened?  As ePortfolio leaders, in what ways has your thinking and understanding of ePortfolio as a reflective, integrative, and social pedagogy deepened?  In what ways has your understanding of the importance of the connections between ePortfolio and professional development and outcomes assessment changed?   Describe the ways you, as leaders, see ePortfolio serving as an agent of transformative change on your campus. Thinking broadly, what was the most important thing you learned from your engagement with C2L?

Our Work Together: If someone from outside the C2L network asked you to describe the value and impact our community of practice has had on you and your work, what would you tell them?   Overall, what do you see as the greatest strengths of our collective work?  The challenges?  What surprised you about this experience?

Looking Forward

Your Campus Project: Think about your upcoming work.  Describe your plans and next steps for your campus ePortfolio project.   What’s your most important task?  Where do you want your project to be in June 2014?  June 2015?  How has your participation in C2L helped shape your future vision for the role of ePortfolio on your campus?  In what ways might the Catalyst site help you advance this vision and move your campus ePortfolio work forward?

About Guiding Questions

The Connect to Learning project involved its partner institutions in periodic “Jams,” online events during which we viewed sets of resources, discussed our practices, and wrote about the challenges and opportunities afforded by ePortfolios within our institutions. The work for each Jam was guided by a series of writing prompts designed to help us describe and reflect upon our experience in depth. We are sharing the guiding questions with you, in conjunction with our polished work, because we believe that questions are as important as answers, and that even considering the questions can change and improve the pathway of decisions that are made moving forward.

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