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Student Reflections on the Portfolio Experience


Travis D.: The benefits of compiling and reflecting upon my work in an ePortfolio are extensive. Course content and concepts, assessments, and discussion can easily be forgotten or lost if one is not challenged to reflect.

The ePortfolio empowered me to synthesize material from each course. What separates the ePortfolio from other reflection tools is that I can easily access information from previous courses and make meaningful connections across courses and content areas. If concepts, knowledge, and skills remain isolated throughout my learning experience, then the potential benefits of my academic program are incomplete and unfulfilled. The goal of the ePortfolio is to reduce this isolation so that students get the most out of their program.

The ePortfolio has enabled me to make connections where I may not have otherwise.


Stefani H.: I am able to share my learning in a colorful, creative way. This format allows me to bring words to life, allowing my reader to see inside my journey and not just words on a paper.

Some images and videos I chose to include convey meanings that are otherwise hard to capture. The use of video allows me to speak my ideas to my audience. Through my voice you hear my passion and purpose for my work.


Mary C.: The ePortfolio is a valuable tool that allows me to collect important pieces of work, both educational and in my career and house it electronically. In my current occupation, I do a lot of collaborative webinars and presentations. The ability to store them in one place is so valuable. It allows my professors and colleagues to view my work and learn more about me and why I am in my Master’s Program.

I found the reflection piece of the ePortfolio the most profound for me. It forced me to really look at my career and educational path and realize that where I thought I wanted to go was not where I ended up and gave me the opportunity to reevaluate my career/educational path.


Claire L.: My ePortfolio has helped me realize encompassing lessons, themes and interests I have accumulated throughout my time at Northeastern. In my undergraduate program, I had a “set it and forget it” attitude about my courses. I hyper-focused on the material at hand but then quickly moved on once the course was over. At the graduate level, everything I learn I try to apply to my current position or utilize when looking for new career opportunities.

Maintaining an ePortfolio can be a lot of work, but now I feel like a have a map of my whole graduate career that I can personally reference or share with employers. As a visual learner, I especially liked saving videos or images since sometimes the emotional reactions or thought-processes produced from media is hard to save in words.

Having a digital compilation of my successes and insights has been a great help when preparing for interviews. I work in Financial Aid but I really want to work in Admissions. I am finding this is increasingly difficult without direct experience so I am trying to utilize as much information obtained from my degree program as possible to show that I may not have direct experience, but I have extensive knowledge on trends, accountability and the future of Higher Education.
Even at times when I feel frustrated or defeated by the whole job search process, I have looked back at my ePortfolio and am reminded how much information I know and how many leadership skills I now possess thanks to Northeastern. Now I just hope I can find an employer who feels the same way 🙂

p.s., Claire used her ePortfolio to land a job in admissions at Northeastern two months after she wrote this reflection.

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