Outcomes Assessment – C2L Guiding Questions

The Campus Developmental Story

Outcomes Assessment on Your Campus — Please provide some background for the reader, summarizing the general status of your institutional culture and practice around Outcomes Assessment (beyond its relation to ePortfolio).   What is your primary accreditation body (or bodies)?  Who leads the assessment work on your campus? Who else is involved in the assessment process?   Thinking about the culture of learning on your campus, describe the ways in which the various campus stakeholders value the role of assessment in this process.

Outcomes Assessment Developmental Story — Please tell us your developmental story, describing the evolving campus linkage between ePortfolio and Outcomes Assessment over the past decade.   How did you get to where you are today?  Where did you start, what are some of the milestones you have achieved, and what have you done to include ePortfolio in Outcomes Assessment?  What were your biggest successes and challenges in this regard?

Connections to the Catalyst

ePortfolio often serves as a connector, bringing together programs, stakeholders and practices. What connections have emerged on your campus in this regard?  Please explain.

Inquiry, Reflection and Integration — In what ways do your ePortfolio-based outcomes assessment practices embody or incorporate principles of Inquiry, Reflection, and Integration?  For example, how is your outcomes-assessment work a faculty-led inquiry into student learning? Please describe how faculty or other stakeholders engage in this process.   In what ways does your ePortfolio-based assessment process support thoughtful reflection on student learning?  In what ways do stakeholders engage in “closing the loop” using ePortfolio-based assessment as part of an integrative approach to curricular and/or institutional improvement?  In what ways has your use of ePortfolio for assessment helped to build a culture of learning on your campus?

Evidence — What type of evidence are you collecting to document the effectiveness of any aspect of your ePortfolio-supported Outcomes Assessment on your campus?  What does your evidence show?  Please be specific, and explain in as much detail as you can and include the evidence you reference as attachments.

Pedagogy  — How are you connecting your successful ePortfolio pedagogies with your Outcomes Assessment process?  How do your ePortfolio-related Outcomes Assessment activities and leadership support integrative, reflective and social ePortfolio pedagogies?  In what ways has Outcomes Assessment processes posed pedagogical challenges?

Scaling Up — How do your ePortfolio-supported Outcomes Assessment activities foster a network of connections on your campus?  What is the relationship between your campus ePortfolio leadership team and your campus Outcomes Assessment leadership?  Does your college’s strategic plan include ePortfolio-based Outcomes Assessment? How do you recruit and encourage faculty/staff participation in ePortfolio-based Outcomes Assessment activities?  How is faculty/staff participation recognized and supported?

Professional Development  — Do your Professional Development activities connect with your ePortfolio-supported Outcomes Assessment processes on your campus?  What role does Inquiry, Reflection, and Integration play in this process?  Overall, how strong is the linkage between your ePortfolio-related Professional Development and Outcomes Assessment on your campus?

Technology  — What role does technology play in your Outcomes Assessment?  In what ways does the use of your ePortfolio platform enhance or obstruct your Outcomes Assessment work?

Looking Ahead
  • Where do you want your campus to grow in the future, on these issues?
  • What are your plans for strengthening your program-wide or institutional outcomes assessment?
  • Are there ways in which you could deepen the incorporation of inquiry, reflection, and integration into your outcomes assessment work?
  • How could they guide the use of ePortfolio in this process?
  • How could you deepen the ways that ePortfolio-based outcomes assessment cultivates a culture of learning across all levels (faculty, program, institution) on your campus?

About Guiding Questions

The Connect to Learning project involved its partner institutions in periodic “Jams,” online events during which we viewed sets of resources, discussed our practices, and wrote about the challenges and opportunities afforded by ePortfolios within our institutions. The work for each Jam was guided by a series of writing prompts designed to help us describe and reflect upon our experience in depth. We are sharing the guiding questions with you, in conjunction with our polished work, because we believe that questions are as important as answers, and that even considering the questions can change and improve the pathway of decisions that are made moving forward.

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